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MarketingManifesto: This Week’s Top 5 Marketing Articles

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Every marketing professional should be spending at least one hour each day learning and staying current on trends by reading the best articles on marketing, watching videos, and listening to podcasts. In our weekly MarketingManifesto, we aim to bring you the best marketing articles and related content so that you can take your company or clients to new heights. In this edition, we bring you a compilation of the top 5 marketing articles to read this week.


1. The Advanced Content Marketing Guide

Did you know that over 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing? Establishing an effective content marketing strategy is crucial in today’s landscape, and the results simply speak for themselves. Marketers who use content marketing see amazing results not only in traffic generation, but often witness up to a 6x higher conversion rate.

With over 10 chapters, this is one of the most comprehensive content marketing articles we’ve ever read, and is one of the best articles for marketers in 2017.


2. Traffic and Conversion Summit Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote

Gary Vaynerchuk delivers a keynote in San Diego that will have every marketing professional believing in the power of digital. Vaynerchuk covers everything from the amazing digital shift we’ve witness in the last twenty-years, to the incredible rise of social media, and everything in-between related to growing and building a business.


3. The Beginners Guide to SEO

This classic was sure to make its way into our top 5 marketing articles for the week. True to its name, this article is a complete guide to SEO offering 10 chapters on everything related to SEO, search engines, keywords, and measuring SEO success. Read by over 3 million people, if you’re a marketing professional who’s not read it yet, get to it.


4. 6 Steps for Writing Simple Copy That Sells

Every copywriter who wants their copy to build trust and generate sales needs to read this article. With 6 sequential and easy to understand steps, this short guide will cause your copy to immediately have more pop, a better attention grab, and a clear call to action.


5. Should I Have My Own Website?

If you’re a marketing professional in the real estate industry, this is one of the best marketing articles you can read. Here, you will learn the two tell-tale signs that an agent or broker is ready for their own personally branded website, along with powerful statistics you can pull out when pitching new agents your services.


As marketers, we love to help and collaborate with others in our field. Did you find any of these articles helpful? We’d love to hear from you – drop us a comment below!

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