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Does Email Marketing Work? Monday MarketingManifesto – TF West

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We often hear this question from the companies and other marketers we work with, and I’m here to say that email marketing is one of the best tools to generate more leads for those who want to sell more of their product or service.


The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing tactics, but it’s still around because it works.

According to the email marketing giant Constant Contact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing there’s an average return of $38. That’s an amazing 3800% return on investment.

With 91% of the US population using their email daily, and 72% of adults and 73% of millennials saying they prefer communication with companies through email, you’d be well-served to continue this effective practice.

Additionally, business consulting legend McKinsey claims that an email has at least three times more value of a social media post. Although social media marketing is one of the services we provide our clients, even we can’t refute this fact. Email marketing simply works.


3 Easy Steps to Email Marketing Success

One simple process to generate more sales is to use a combination of content marketing (blogging) and email marketing. Below is an outline of what we do at TF West to generate more leads and increase revenue in our website development department.


  1. Create a blog post written to get prospective clients to fill out a lead form

First, we create a blog post that our email list of real estate agents would find helpful, such as “How to Sell Homes to Millennials” or “What Millennials Want in a Home.” Inside this blog is content full of stats and free advice that will truly help the realtor become more successful.

At select points within the blog article, we’ll include some information that points towards the value a website would have for the agent and include a call-to-action (CTA) for them to fill out a form if they’re interested in learning more.


  1. Insert part the blog into an email and link it back to your post

The key here is to create an email that is clean, easy to read, aesthetically pleasing and features a compelling subject line. When the person clicks into the email, they will read your introduction or your ‘hook’ to the article, and then be funneled to the CTA button that reads ‘Continue Reading’. If your opener is good enough, you will get a ton of people to click through to your blog article, where now you have a chance to convert them into a lead.


  1. Blast it out to your opted-in list and be ready to close leads!

You’ve successfully set up your fishing pole, baited the hook and are now ready to cast it out into the ocean swimming with prospects. Get ready to generate more leads and close the sales!


Are you a marketer who would like some help blogging and email marketing for your company or clients? Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can work together.


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