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The 8 Best Digital Marketing Blogs | Monday MarketingManifesto

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The best marketing executives start their week off by learning new information and improving their marketing skills. Reading reputable industry blogs is still one of the best ways to learn, but with time being the limiting factor it’s important to have your blogs vetted and earmarked so you don’t waste time in search of good content. To help you in your quest, we bring you the 8 best digital marketing blogs.


Social Media Examiner

Described as the world’s largest social media marketing resource, Social Media Examiner® is a website that provides access to articles, shows, conferences and events aiming to educate marketing executives and businesses how to “navigate the constantly changing social media jungle”.

If your team engages in content marketing promoted by social media (always a great idea), then a good article to read is How to Use Facebook to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts



A blog where all information and opinions shared are backed up by analytics and testing, Kissmetics has tons of articles and guides which revolve around optimizing your growth by having your marketing track, analyze and engage to get more customers. The level of content shared weekly makes it one of the very best digital marketing blogs around.

Any business owners out there? Start with their article 3 Shortcuts for Business Owners to Market Effectively Without Wasting Time


The Content Marketing Institute

In today’s world of rapid digital consumption, content is king. Founded by Joe Pulizzi, the Content Marketing Institute is a resource that aims to teach marketers how to become publishers. Chock-full of how-to guides, training, podcasts and even its own magazine, the content marketing institute is a website that should be frequented daily by any digital marketing professional.

For any content marketers who’re interested in launching a podcast, a great blog to read written by Joe Pulizzi himself is How to Develop and Grow a Successful Podcast



A center of SEO information and tools, Moz provides resources such as a blog, guides, reports, and data; and offers community support with tools, workshops, training and a list of recommended SEO companies. With an acronym TAGFEE, standing for: transparency, authenticity, generosity, fun, empathetic, and exceptional, this site is your one-stop shop for anything SEO related.

The best place to start is their wonderful guide The Beginners Guide to SEO.


Social Fresh

Social media is a digital marketing tool that absolutely cannot be overlooked in today’s business environment. Social Fresh is a social media marketing education company whose website aims to “inspire people to create better businesses through social media”. With tons of articles, conferences and online training programs, Social Fresh is a digital marketing resource every CMO or marketing director must utilize.

Start by reading their article Testing Out Instagram Stories For Your Business


TF West

It’s only natural to believe the information we share is some of the best around! We share content with marketing executives every Monday with our Monday MarketingManifesto, and write other original blog posts for everything related to marketing, business, entrepreneurship, motivation, and more.

Recently, one of our Monday MarketingManifesto articles inbound lead marketers would find useful is Blogging to Get More Leads. Another popular article we wrote is Why I Wake Up So Early… And Why You Should Too.


Marketing Land

Marketing Land is just that; a digital landscape overflowing with information and resources for today’s marketing professional. With whitepapers, webinars, guides, and research reports, there is high-level and tactical information on social media, mobile, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, analytics, display advertising, martech, content marketing, video marketing… the list goes on. Marketing Land is the landing spot for everything digital marketing and advertising related a CMO or marketing director could want to know.

Relevant as we head into 2018 is their recent article: Align your marketing org in 2018 with intelligent and integrated marketing campaigns



Every digital marketing professional should be spending time consuming Econsultancy’s content. This blog offers information such as research, data and analysis and provides training, consulting and events aimed at enabling marketing executives and agencies to have more success marketing online.

A recent article to start with that demonstrates the depth of the research and analysis is The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week


There you have it, the 8 best digital marketing blogs. Are there any blogs we overlooked that you as a marketing professional or business owner find helpful? Leave us a note in the comments below!


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