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7 Best Marketing Podcasts – Monday MarketingManifesto

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In this week’s Monday MarketingManifesto, we bring you the seven best marketing podcasts you can listen to which are chock-full of the best marketing tips that will improve your skills and take your business or clients to the next level.


  1. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk always brings it on The GaryVee Audio Experience. With a heavy focus on marketing, business development and entrepreneurship, Vaynerchuk shares many of his keynotes, employee meetings, and interviews for what is known as one of the best marketing podcasts around.


  1. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Hosted each week by Michael Stelzner and other members of the Social Media Examiner’s team, this marketing podcast focuses on the latest news, features and strategies in social media. Each podcast will give the marketing professional tips and tricks to improve their social media efforts and ROI. The podcast is about 45 minutes long and is shared every Friday.


  1. Marketing Over Coffee

Held in a local coffee shop by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn, these twenty-minute episodes are designed to give the marketing director of today actionable marketing tips on copywriting, SEO, search marketing, social media, and more. The podcast is published every Thursday morning.


  1. Marketing School Podcast

Are you one of the many busy CMOs or marketing directors that need to compress their learning into short time-frames? If so, the Marketing School Podcast hosted by marketing gurus Eric Siu and Neil Patel is perfect for you, as it brings valuable marketing tips every day in just ten minutes.


  1. The Science of Social Media

Published by social media giant Buffer, this podcast is a phenomenal way for anyone who engages in social media marketing – beginning or expert – to stay current on industry trends and continue learning their craft.


  1. Call To Action

A digital marketer’s best friend, Unbounce’s podcast Call to Action takes the marketing professional from A-Z on how to best market their business or client digitally. The podcast is published every Wednesday and features a new guest who comes on the show and shares the best marketing tips and practices that you can apply to your business or client.


  1. Duct Tape Marketing

Hosted by marketing pro John Jantsch, this marketing podcast focuses heavily on ways you can take your business or client’s business to the next level through digital marketing. With previous guests such as Guy Kawasaki, Neil Patel and Ann Handley, listening to an episode or two will do wonders for your current digital marketing strategies and methods.


There you have it, seven of the best marketing podcasts that today’s marketing executive should be listening to. Do you have any other recommendations? We’d love to hear from you; drop us a comment below!


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